Simi Sara Knowledge hub is a valuable source of learning and skill growth to give you insight on your innate skills and capabilities and help you succeed in your work and personal life.

Manager and colleague listening intently
Core Counselling Skills for Managers and Leaders

A course designed to improve and support mental health through the application of counselling skills in the workplace

Hi, I’m Sade

The CEO of Simi Sara and owner of Simi Sara Knowledge Hub.

Before becoming a psychotherapist, I spent over 20 years holding various job roles in different types of organizations. My training and experience spanned from Advertising and Public Relations to Environmental Management and Public Administration. This journey merged successfully with my interest in the human mind and how we become the people we are, making the choices we make and taking the paths we do. 

From my training in Integrative Psychotherapy, I share with you my online resource to support you in living a more enjoyable and purposeful life.

Do get in touch with me if you would like me to offer more professional support within your organization or your personal life.